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    Mold Flow Analysis

    Providing a truly seamless integration of part design, mold flow analysis, and mold design. We can simulate the injection molding process, optimize molding parameters, and identify potential tooling and molding problems in the early design stages. 


    DFM(Design for Manufacturability) Reports

    Early Part Review Provides Critical Information, Design For Manufacturability (DFM) review is key to successful part and product development. We emphasize the benefits of DFM to our clients with the knowledge that this powerful diagnostic tool will create a more efficient production cycle and ultimately increase profitability.

    Quality Control

    Yes, quality is the cornerstone of survival for enterprise and quality control is a very important porcess during mold making, we pay much attention on it and training all our staffs to have strong and high quality of mind. In order to deliver quality and consistent finished products, our team is trained to spot these problems. Products are examined and checked using a quality control process before any product is ship

                                                                Measurement Room

    1.Mold design stage 

     Senior mold designer will recheck the mold drawings after mold structure confirmed and mold design finished.

    2. Machining stage

    Check the dimensions of inserts after each process (like NC,WC,EDM etc.) to make sure all the dimensions are within our requirements and tolerance.

    3. Mold trial stage

     Check if the dimentions and assembling of parts are qualified or not , also verify the mold structure and movement at the same time.

    4. Mold delivery stage

     Check all the things cutomer needed and packaging for delivery is ok or not.

    5. After sales

    Calling for feedback of the tools running well or not, keep following up the status of the mould.



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